Together with partners and customers, MediData strives to electronically transmit data (invoices, copies of invoices, recovery vouchers, etc.) that are still transported on paper in the healthcare system today. We do this, among other things, with our patient portal.

"Away from paper and towards digitalisation" brings various advantages. The administrative effort can be minimised on all sides, thus saving costs in the healthcare system. Processes are simplified and, in addition, we can reduce the burden on the environment. Our solutions are used by health and accident insurers, doctors, hospitals, X-ray institutes, laboratories, pharmacies, Spitex and cantons. Wherever data needs to be transported electronically in a secure and efficient way.

Information security and data protection

Nowadays, more and more personal documents are sent via the Internet - because it is cheaper and faster. For some documents, however, the usual security standard is not sufficient. MediData enables its customers to transport sensitive data securely and in compliance with the law. MediData is ISO 27001 certified and complies with the national regulation on data protection certification VDSZ. This means that we make the electronic sending of invoices, recovery vouchers and other documents as easy as sending e-mails.


MediData sends invoice documents on behalf of service providers such as medical practices, hospitals or laboratories. However, both addresses and document content are managed exclusively by our clients. All we do is ensure that these documents find the right recipients in a data-secure way. This is increasingly being done electronically, but sometimes we also send invoice documents by post.

We send you an e-mail with a link to our patient portal. As soon as you click on this link, we send you an SMS with a code. You must then enter the SMS code in the patient portal to download the document. You therefore don’t need to create a login or install additional software.

We can use the patient portal to authenticate you through your e-mail address and mobile phone number. If a service provider makes a mistake with your e-mail address (e.g. instead of, the invoice document cannot be sent to the wrong person because the confirmation via mobile phone number will not work. This is how we ensure data security. This security is our top priority: that’s why we never send attachments or details in our e-mails that allow conclusions to be drawn about the true recipients.

Yes, the receipt of the invoice or invoice copy (PDF) is encrypted (via an HTTPS page) and the data is secure. The e-mail to the recipients is sent unencrypted. This is possible because the e-mail itself contains only one link, but no particularly sensitive data. Intercepting this e-mail does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about recipients’ data.

Yes, service providers are obliged to obtain this consent from the recipients. However, MediData cannot control this. It is therefore the express responsibility of our clients to provide only e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for dispatch, which we may also write to. 

In this case, please contact the relevant service provider directly (e.g. practice, hospital or laboratory). Only our clients can change these settings.

You need a PDF viewer to open PDF documents. Most computers already have a pre-installed PDF viewer. As an alternative, you can install the free “Adobe Acrobat Reader”: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then download the document from the MediData patient portal and view it in the PDF viewer.