This simplifies the administrative process, is safe, cost-effective and – on top of that – it's environmentally-friendly. This is why health and accident insurers, physicians, care facilities, professional home care providers, hospitals, X-ray institutions, laboratories, pharmacies and cantons throughout Switzerland choose our reliable digital transport solution. 

Information Security and Data Protection
The standard level of security is not sufficient for such confidential documents. We are certified according to the Data Protection Certification Regulation (VDSZ  - Verordnung über Datenschutzzertifizierung) and ISO 27001. This ensures that the sensitive data of our customers is transported securely and in compliance with the law. It also makes transmitting data electronically as easy as sending an email.

MediData – who we are
The company was founded in 1994 to implement secure, electronic invoicing in the Swiss healthcare sector. Today, we are renowned as a competent IT service provider and a solid SME based in central Switzerland.


MediData sends out care notifications on behalf of service providers, such as care facilities or professional home care providers. However, both addresses and document content are managed exclusively by our clients. All we do is ensure that these documents find the right recipients in a data-secure way.

We will send you an email with a link to our release service. Once you click this link, we will send you an SMS that contains a code you need to authenticate yourself. You must then enter the SMS code you receive in the release service to download the document. As a result, you do not need to create a login or install any additional software. 

To electronically transmit documents via the release service, the following requirements must be met:

  • The sender has subscribed to a connection to the MediData network and has access to the MediData infrastructure.
  • The sender's company headquarters are located in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • XML 4.5 transmission
  • Their software company has integrated the solution
  • Contact information of the physician must be available (email and mobile number)

Anyone can receive documents if the sender has their email and mobile number.

The release service allows us to authenticate the recipient using the email address and mobile number. If a service provider makes a mistake with your e-mail address (e.g. instead of, the invoice document cannot be sent to the wrong person because the confirmation via mobile phone number will not work. This is how we ensure data security. This security is our top priority: that’s why we never send attachments or details in our e-mails that allow conclusions to be drawn about the true recipients.

Yes, the receipt of care notifications is encrypted (via an HTTPS page) and the data is secure. The email to the physicians is sent unencrypted. This is possible because the e-mail itself contains only one link, but no particularly sensitive data. Intercepting this e-mail does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about recipients’ data.

Yes, the release service can also be used to send documents to physicians with a foreign mobile phone number (as long as it is a number within Europe). MediData covers the costs of sending the SMS, so there are no additional costs for the service providers when sending messages to foreign mobile phone numbers. 

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